Don’t forget! Create your U-M Dropbox account now

April 30, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Do you use U-M Box to store or share files? Then now is the time to create your U-M Dropbox account!

Data migration from U-M Box to U-M Dropbox is set to begin in May, using the self-service migration tool. Learn more about the move here.   

Who should create a U-M Dropbox account? Create an account if:

  • You own files or folders in U-M Box that you plan to move
  • You rely on U-M Box files or folders that are shared with you to do your work

If you do not use U-M Box now, you do not necessarily need to create a U-M Dropbox account — though anyone who would like an account can create one.  

Does it matter when I create a U-M Dropbox account?  

It is recommended that you create a U-M Dropbox account as soon as possible, though you are able to create an account at any time.

Creating an account before any data is moved will ensure sharing permissions are maintained once data migration to U-M Dropbox begins, which will start in the next few weeks. If a folder that is shared with you is migrated from U-M Box to U-M Dropbox and you do not have a U-M Dropbox account, you will lose access to that folder and its contents, and the owner will have to reshare it with you once your account is created. 

As of April 30, 31 percent of Michigan Medicine U-M Box users have created a U-M Dropbox account. To ensure all data is moved out of U-M Box successfully, the goal is to sign up at least 50 percent of U-M Box users to U-M Dropbox. Sign up for U-M Dropbox today!