Quiz: Test your knowledge on this universal skill to win a prize!

March 15, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

This month, we are switching things up for the HRO Tool of the Month, Validate and Verify, which can be found under the reliability skill, “Questioning Attitude.”

For this tool, you are encouraged to take a short quiz to test your knowledge. If you get all the answers correct, you will be entered into a raffle to receive a prize! Check out the details below. 

But first, what is Questioning Attitude? 

According to the HRO training, Questioning Attitude is a habit of the mind that ensures that our choices are best for the given situation. It is both asking questions and questioning the answers. 

It is a known fact that many rule-based and knowledge-based errors occur when we are not thinking clearly.

At Michigan Medicine, we are committed to a culture of safety and reliability. As a result of this commitment, all are encouraged to think about what we are seeing and doing at all times. If things don’t make sense, stop and ask yourself or others a question. 

Validate the information
Verify the information

How should you use this tool? 

Use a questioning attitude every time you interpret information and every time you choose a rule from memory. First, qualify the source of the information. Is this source a good source for this information? Does this source have a history of being correct?

Next, validate the information. Validation is an internal consistency check. Does this information make sense? Is the information consistent with what I would expect?

Last, verify the information using an independent, qualified source when: the information is very important (high-risk), the information fails the source qualification or validation tests, or the information appears to have changed. 

Examples of Validate & Verify 

Example 1: A nurse was conducting her usual rounds when a patient mentioned that after telling several people that he could hear his picc line in his ear, they told him it was normal. The nurse stopped and verified this issue by having an x-ray done. The nurse verified that the picc was not in the right place. 

Example 2: A patient had an order of 27 units of medication. The RN noticed the amount in the syringe was 17 units and that the label on the syringe was 27 units. The RN stopped and verified the amount the patient was supposed to receive. 

Example 3: During one particular test, a patient’s glucose level resulted at 300. As the nurse recognized this result was outside of the usual range for this patient, she retrieved a different glucometer to validate and verified the first abnormal value. This next glucometer gave the same result of 300. Instead of moving forward with plans to give the patient insulin, the nurse continued to question why this one result might have been so high. She realized that the patient had been feeding her newborn baby, and that the baby had been given Glucose due to low blood sugars. The nurse thought to have the mom wash her hands and perform one more glucose check. The mom’s glucose came back on the third check at 132, which was near her baseline glucose level. The use of the HRO skill of “having a questioning attitude” and “validating and verifying” prevented the patient from being treated for a false-high glucose. 

Test your skills 

Now that you’ve had a chance to refresh your knowledge about this universal skill, test yourself with this short quiz. If you get all the answers correct, you will be entered into a raffle for an HRO prize! 

Resources for all 

Leaders can use the leadership skill, Go and See, as a way to compliment the universal skill, validate and verify. By using Go and See, leaders can observe and learn from those who are hands on with the work.

The leadership skills of Five to One Feedback and Huddles are also tools recommended for leaders during the pandemic.  

Please check out these resources for more clarification on Universal Relationship Skills. There are downloadable and printable handouts that you can share with your team or hang in your areas. 

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