Nicole Zabel, R.N., earns DAISY Award for work on 7W

March 15, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Nicole Zabel, R.N., a nurse on 7W, recently received a DAISY Award for her extraordinary care. The DAISY Awards are given out by the DAISY Foundation to nurses who go above and beyond in their role.

At Michigan Medicine, Zabel’s work has been recognized by parents and family members of her patients. Here are just a couple of examples of her tremendous care:

“While we have received exceptional care from all the caregivers on 7W, Nikki deserves outstanding recognition for doing her job beyond all that was required of her.

There are several characteristics that come to mind about Nikki that makes her worthy of this award, but here are a few I noted: she gives of herself to each patient, she takes time to get to know the patient and their care is foremost in her mind, she is meticulous and has an attention to detail. We first got to know Nikki over several days as she was our nurse during the conditioning for a bone marrow transplant — and then she actually did our transplant.

Unfortunately, as the transplant started, my husband began having symptoms. He was feeling very hot, nauseous and the symptoms grew to having a temp, his blood pressure rose, his oxygen levels decreased and he was just feeling very sick. Nikki handled each symptom calmly and accurately, contacting the physician on call throughout the process. Nikki made the decision to stay with us during the whole transplant, rather than leave the room and wait for us to call her, or to keep coming back to check on us. She called out to other nurses for different meds that were needed, while reassuring us that all was well and that these symptoms are expected. Throughout the whole transplant, Nikki was clearly in charge, showing great compassion while also reassuring us. She handled each new symptom with great care and precision. My husband eventually fell asleep, and Nikki completed the transplant. Never did Nikki say she was exhausted, needed a break, or indicate anything other than she was so glad she could do his transplant that night.

We continued to have Nikki as our nurse a few more nights and each time it was her carefulness and attention to detail that we saw from her.

For us, Nikki was a good example of what an excellent nurse looks like! Thank you, Nikki!”

“My wife recently received a Bone Marrow Transplant on 7W. She had other medical issues to deal with besides the normal side effects from the transplant. Nikki’s constant compassion and genuine personal care to her patient was amazing.

Especially during some very difficult and painful days, Nikki was always patient and took extra time to keep explaining every detail of what my wife experiencing. During my three-week stay in the room with my wife, I totally realized just how busy the nurse’s on 7W were day in and day out. However, Nikki always came in the room with a smile and comforting attitude, while remaining very professional in going about her job. When I spoke with other family members, they all had the same praise for Nikki. She made you feel like you were her only patient, and by the time my wife was discharged, we both felt so blessed and fortunate to have had Nikki as our nurse!”