New hospital construction FAQs

March 8, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Announcements

Last updated: Monday, March 8

Q: When will construction resume on the new hospital?

A: At this time, the planning team has resumed its design work, with the goal of starting construction in the coming months. Details about timing and wayfinding around the project construction site will be shared as soon as they are available.

The new hospital is estimated to open for patient care in the fall of 2025.

Q: How will the new hospital benefit patients?

A: The new hospital will allow us to grow our operating/procedure room and inpatient bed capacity, and expand intensive care capacity as needed. State-of-the-art equipment and facility design will lead to improved patient outcomes and experience through innovative care delivery, research and education. Imaging technology and procedure labs located within and adjacent to surgical and treatment areas will foster rapid multidisciplinary collaboration and co-management of the most complex patient needs. The new hospital will include 264 private rooms. We will create 110 additional private rooms in University Hospital by reducing semi-private rooms. These changes to single private rooms will improve patient safety, quality and experience, while creating space for family members to participate in their loved one’s care, healing and recovery.

Q: How will the new hospital benefit faculty, staff and learners?

A: Building the new hospital will not only help us meet the needs of our patients, but also support our teams performing the education, research and clinical work that make us a premier academic medical center today, and in the years ahead. This is an investment in our future to enhance and improve the work environment for clinical practice and support functions.

Q: Is it a good idea to devote resources to a new building while the pandemic is still ongoing?

A: As we increase vaccinations and can envision the end of the pandemic and its economic effects, we believe it is the right time to restart this project that was paused nearly a year ago. Leadership has considered a number of factors in its decision to move forward on the new hospital, including our current improved financial performance and the need to advance long-term strategic priorities that will increase capacity and ensure access for the sickest patients.

Q: Should we be investing in people and research instead of a new building?

A: The new hospital is an investment in people: future patients, care teams, learners and those engaged in research and discovery. Expanding our inpatient enterprise will lead to increased employment. A new inpatient facility is required to serve the growing number of high-acuity patients who entrust us with their care, and to enable clinical practice that advances the most challenging areas of medicine, creating a clinical hub for research and enhancing the education of the next generation of physicians, scientists and other health professionals who will improve health and save lives.