Last call: Vital Voices 2021 Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey closes later today

March 26, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

The Vital Voices 2021 Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey will close at the end of the day today. As of this morning, more than 64% of staff and 61% of faculty have participated in the survey, and we want to hear more! All of our collective voices are needed to impact change and create the work environment we desire. If you haven’t taken the survey, take 10-15 minutes today to complete it before it closes.

It’s important to remember, all responses are kept confidential.

The surveys are available here:

Faculty Engagement Survey:                 

Staff Engagement Survey:

To log in to either survey, employees will need a unique password, which is the last eight-digit employee ID (UMID) and last two digits of their birth year. (Example: UMID is 12345678 and birth year is 1979, password will be 1234567879.)

More information is available on Headlines.