Help U-M undergraduates thank your Michigan Medicine colleagues!

March 15, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources
A look at how the THANK YOU display will appear.

As a community, U-M undergraduates have been completely blown away and inspired by the courage and poise that U-M health care professionals have shown in the face of the ongoing pandemic.

To express their gratitude for these sacrifices, a group of students has created an initiative called THANK BLUE.

This initiative will culminate in a massive art installation at University Hospital, in which large letters will spell out the words “THANK YOU.” Each letter will be filled with balls that will include names and messages from members of the community.

To participate and have your message included in the display, use the link below! Additionally, the students will be highlighting individual health care workers on their social media page each week.

If you have a colleague that you would like to nominate for this special recognition, please click here.

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