March 27, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Accolades and Milestones

After nearly 45 years of service here at UM in Respiratory Care, Carl F. Haas, MLS, RRT-ACCS is retiring on March 31, 2021. Carl began his career in August 1976 in “old Main” and became board registered as a respiratory therapist in June of 1979. He was promoted to a supervisor soon after. In 1981, the clinical specialist position in Respiratory Care was newly created. Due to his strong clinical base, he was approached to assume this new role for what was then, the Respiratory ICU (RICU) and the pulmonary general care floor known as 11East. During his time in RICU, Carl worked closely with the likes of Drs Jack Weg, Joseph Lynch and Galen Toews.

Toward the end of 1992, Carl was placed in the role of coordinator of department education and research. Here is where he remained and developed his career on an institutional and national stage. He contributed to numerous advances in this field and achieved many accomplishments along the way. Along with leading and participating on hospital committees and training countless learners and hospital staff, he was very active in research both as investigator and as an author producing several peer review publications.

On a national stage, Carl was named the Adult Acute Respiratory Care Specialty Practitioner of the Year by the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) and was also inducted as an AARC Fellow. His contributions included holding several offices with the state Respiratory Care society and national organizations. The most prestigious was being in the role as President of the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) in the mid-2010’s where he oversaw board credentialing. As a result of this work, Carl received the Robert H. Miller, RRT Award by the NBRC for outstanding service to the profession and credentialing system in 2018.

Carl has been instrumental in elevating the profession nationally and in the advancement of respiratory care here at Michigan. For this and much more, the Department thanks you and your dedication and the many contributions you have made. Many others at Michigan Medicine congratulate you on all your work and outstanding career. How appropriate for us to salute your retirement on the last day of National Recognition month! Please join in congratulating Carl by sending him a note at .