A message from Kirk J. Brower, M.D., chief wellness officer, on anniversary of pandemic and post-traumatic growth

March 31, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

A message from Kirk J. Brower, M.D., chief wellness officer

As we pass the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, it is natural for us to pause and reflect on the experience.

Most of us have felt stressed by COVID-19 in some way to some extent. We may have trouble sleeping or getting much done during the day, just not feel like our usual selves, or may feel lonely and isolated. These are common ways to feel during major life challenges and after traumatic events, which we sometimes refer to as post-traumatic stress.

Healing can and does occur after traumatic events; however, emotional “scars” sometimes remain, similar to physical scars after physical injuries. Isn’t there something beyond healing and living with our scars? Fortunately, yes! And we call it post-traumatic growth. 

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