Updates to visitor policies

February 16, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Thank you to all of our staff for the continued support of our patients and their visitors during this difficult time.

While the visitor restriction policy remains in place, Michigan Medicine recognizes the constraints that many parents/caregivers have now that many schools and day cares are not available, and do not want to delay patient care.

Please make note of the updates below, which take effect tomorrow, Feb. 17:

Ambulatory clinics: One visitor (16 years old or older) can accompany each adult patient to an appointment, unless an additional aide or assistant is required due to cognitive or physical impairments. If a patient presents with a child(ren) due to day care/schooling closures, the child(ren) should be roomed with the patient.

One primary caregiver is allowed to accompany each pediatric patient to an appointment, unless an additional aide or assistant is required. While siblings are discouraged from attending, due to day care/school closures, they may stay with their family unit.

Adult inpatients: One visitor is allowed each day between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Please note, adult patients with developmental delays/significant cognitive impairments will be allowed to have one visitor remain bedside around the clock (where this one visitor ensures safety and is considered essential to the patient’s care). COVID+/PUI: No visitors allowed (except for end-of-life care).

9C patients: May have a visitor upon patient request. COVID+/PUI: No visitors allowed (except for end-of-life care).

Pediatric inpatients: Allowed up to two adult primary caregivers who can remain bedside for neonatal and pediatric patients. COVID+/PUI patients are allowed one adult primary caregiver, who must remain in the patient’s room.

Adult Emergency Services: May have one visitor per patient per day. Due to continued waiting room capacity constraints, only medically necessary visitors will be allowed to wait in the waiting room with the patient if an exam room is not open upon completion of triage.  All other visitors will be directed to the UH Main Lobby to wait until the patient is in an exam room.  COVID+/PUI: No visitors are allowed (except for end of life care).

Children Emergency Services: Two adult caregivers (i.e. parent, guardian, or significant other) are allowed for each CES patient. No siblings, extended family, or friends are allowed to visit. No visitors are allowed to wait in the waiting room or other locations in the hospital once the patient is roomed. COVID+/PUI:COVID+/PUI 2 caregivers who must remain masked in the patient room with limited exceptions for restroom or food breaks.