Matthew Golem, R.N., earns DAISY Award

February 25, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Matthew Golem, R.N., recently earned a DAISY Award for his exceptional work on 6A at University Hospital. The DAISY Awards are given out by the DAISY Foundation to nurses who excel in their role.

Here is an excerpt from his nomination, as written by the family member of a patient:

“My husband suffered a significant stroke, resulting in complete left-sided impairment, left-sided neglect, pusher syndrome, the inability to toilet himself and impairment to his speech.

“Matt’s approach was always friendly, caring and positive. He always spoke to my husband with dignity and respect. Matt would seek to comfort by not only checking on pain levels or offering a change in positioning, but he would ask about special foods for my husband when he noticed breakfast was not touched.

“He also took care of the entire family. For example, my grandkids would get a special popsicle treat when visiting their gramps on 6A. In fact, Matt arranged for a day that we will never forget. My husband and I joined our adult children and grandchildren to meet some of the Survival Flight crew members (incredible people!) and took us out on the helipad to check out the Survival Flight chopper. It was one of the most amazing and beautiful Sundays in February!

“Just when I was feeling as down as I could feel, he lifted me and everyone else in the family up with this special day! Matt really understands the importance of ‘family’ and would have my husband FaceTime me in the morning before I came up to see him. That call provided my husband with the comfort of my voice, but it also gave me the lift I needed to start my day.

“Matt is knowledgeable, highly skilled, and takes amazing care of the patient, while also paying close attention to the needs of the entire family. I will never forget him for the comfort and level of care that he provided to us during the most challenging time in our lives.”