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February 9, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Announcements

In case you missed any tips on cyber security or on how to protect yourself and others, please see latest posts below.

January 2021
Email, Patients, and PHI – Communicating with Patients via Email

  • Only use your account to send communication containing PHI to a patient.
  • Type [SECURE] in the subject of an external email to encrypt it.
  • If you are emailing information to more than one patient, use the BCC field. Patient email addresses are PHI and cannot be exposed to other patients.

February 2021
Protect Yourself from Tax Fraud

  • Filing your taxes early helps prevent criminals from filing under your name before you do!
  • Elect to receive to receive W-2 information online.
  • Use direct deposit for refunds.
  • The IRS will NEVER contact taxpayers by email, text messaging or social media. Initial correspondence will always come through the U.S. mail.