Highlighting Black patient voices

February 24, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

As we celebrate Black history through the experiences of our Black employees and learners at Michigan Medicine, it is also important to highlight the voices of Black patients and families.

This summer, the Office of Patient Experience collected stories from Black patients and families about their experience in health care, both at Michigan Medicine and other hospitals. Their individual stories are now available on the OPE Patient Story Library.

The library is easily searchable using the drop down category, Black Lives, to find these stories. 

Headlines has highlighted a few below for easy access:

Chris M.: As a patient who had a serious heart condition, Chris was not sure how he would be accepted at Michigan Medicine as a Black patient. Though he did transfer his care here and received excellent care, he shared his concerns to help others understand the perceptions of Black people in the Metro Detroit area.

Michelle W.: As a support for her mother, Michelle has spent many hours by her side in emergency rooms, office visits and hospital rooms. She hopes providers take time to learn about the patient and address them as humans without making assumptions or talking down because of age or color. 

Shatoria T.: As a first-time mother to twins, Shatoria wanted to do all she could to help them thrive. She wanted to breastfeed her babies, but the nurses assumed that Black women would not be interested and did not offer her any support. It took her grandmother speaking up to get the help she needed. Shatoria hopes that caregivers learn about their patients’ needs and interests before making assumptions about care.