Anti-Racism Oversight Committee presents overview and action plans

February 23, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

At the Town Hall on Feb. 5, the Anti-Racism Oversight Committee (AROC) co-chairs David Miller, M.D., M.P.H., and Phyllis Blackman, shared an overview of the committee’s charge, and plans to eliminate racism and inequities that may exist at Michigan Medicine.

The AROC leadership and subcommittees have spent the last few months working diligently to identify an approach that achieves an anti-racist culture and utilizes the diversity, equity and inclusion dashboard to track the progress and outcomes. AROC is nearing completion of the developed and recommended action plan, and has entered phase four of the process — implementation of the approved action plan.

The themes identified in the June 2020 Social Unrest Survey and student concerns led to the formation of the six AROC subcommittees: Speak Up/Show Solidarity, Opportunities for Conversation, Education and Clinical Practice, Diversify the Workforce, Community Work, and Advocacy and Professional Development. Each subcommittee is responsible for developing implementation strategies or multidisciplinary problem solving/decision making and driving action forward.

Each subcommittee will have the opportunity to present their respective action items — including those that have already been implemented, in the upcoming town halls.

For instance, on Feb. 19, the Speak Up/Show Solidarity, Community Work, and Advocacy and Professional Development subcommittees presented their recommendations. On March 5, the Diversify the Workforce, Education and Clinical Practice, and Opportunities for Conversation subcommittees will share their action plans.

Over the next six months, each subcommittee will also present at a Community Conversation session to provide Michigan Medicine team members with a deeper look into the action plans of each committee.

For a complete list of upcoming AROC Community Conversation sessions, please visit:

Ongoing updates on the progress of AROC’s work will be shared in future town halls and other venues, including this page.