Week in Review: Week of Jan. 25, 2021

January 29, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

TGIF! As it has been for much of the past year, COVID-19 was prominently featured in the employee newsletter this week.

On Monday, employees shared why they are getting vaccinated against the disease; while on Tuesday, readers learned all about an initiative aimed at improving care for seriously-ill COVID-19 patients. Later in the week, a U-M med student detailed her once-in-a-lifetime experience interning for CNN at the beginning of the pandemic.

For all that and more, here’s the latest!

Vaccine confidence begins with you: Faculty, staff share why they are taking their shot

One postdoc received her COVID-19 vaccine because of the science and clinical trial data that shows the efficacy of the shot. A nurse got hers in order to protect both herself and those around her. Check out this story and video to find out why your colleagues are taking their best shot at eradicating COVID-19.

Mission in motion: Clinical support line advances care for COVID-19 patients across Michigan

As the organization prepped for a possible resurgence of COVID-19 last summer, leaders from University Hospital and the Frankel Cardiovascular Center came together with one goal in mind: to improve outcomes for COVID-19 ICU patients. They did just that by assembling a task force that shares best practices and provides clinical support to providers across Michigan. Click for details

Medicine and the media: COVID-19 becomes the focus of med student’s CNN internship

Gina Yu expected her first day interning at CNN to be fairly relaxed, akin to starting a new job in any big organization. It didn’t turn out that way. In fact, her first day coincided with the first U.S. case of what is now known as COVID-19. Click through for more on Yu’s whirlwind internship, as she played a crucial role in covering an unprecedented pandemic.

Time to check-in on your FY21 Valuation

Believe it or not, FY21 is halfway over, which means it’s time to review progress toward your current goals, make any necessary adjustments, and seek input from colleagues about your performance. That’s right, it’s time for mid-year reviews! Learn more about this vital practice, which will help you adapt to ever-changing work conditions at Michigan Medicine.

Mid-year reviews were also the subject of the new and improved version of The Wrap employee podcast! The conversation touched on the importance of the review process, while providing listeners with a more informal, conversational and fun podcast experience. 

The show can be found via the YouTube video at the top of the page or media player below. Please note, the media player is not compatible with Internet Explorer, so open in a new browser or find The Wrap on your personal device to take a listen!