Brighter days ahead: Here’s what you’re leaving in the past

January 14, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

As we move ahead in 2021, the organization is filled with hope. More than 20,000 employees have already received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, meaning there is light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. And the organization has recommitted itself to anti-racism, with efforts aimed at making Michigan Medicine more diverse, equitable and inclusive to all.

Another way to move forward is at the individual level, as team members leave behind negative aspects of their lives, whether professional or personal. With that in mind, Headlines asked readers what they planned to leave in the past — what was in their so-called “Chuck-it Bucket.”

Here’s what they had to say:

Katie Grzyb, MHSA, continuous improvement specialist

There are two things I want in my Chuck-it Bucket from 2020:

  • Eliminating comparison and focusing on what is true and beautiful for me each day!
  • Saying goodbye to social media (piece-by-piece) and choosing things that only add value to my life in 2021!

Hunter Mitchell, videographer, Department of Communication

I am leaving behind comfort food and substituting it for exercise as a better way of dealing with stress in the new year.

Suzan Shay, patient care tech assistant

I am leaving behind 31 pounds in 2020! I started in March when the full brunt of the pandemic hit. I worked on it slowly, only a few pounds a month. But after nine months, it is adding up. Or should I say, subtracting down! I’ve now started working on the next 31! 

Debbia Camarata, PSA/Reading Room coordinator, East Ann Arbor radiology

I will work harder at focusing on all the blessings surrounding me and my loved ones instead of allowing negative toxic influences to take over! Here’s to a FABULOUS 2021 for each and every one of us! Praying much joy and health to everyone.

Jennifer Williams, employee communication manager

I’m leaving behind 50 percent of the time spent on TV and social media, old bad habits and doubtful thinking.

CareyLynn Flaugher, administrative manager, C&W

I am leaving behind inactivity and committing to exercise three times a week.

Tasha Kaiser, clinical research coordinator, Neurology Clinical Trials Organization

While I understand the idea behind the “Chuck-it Bucket,” I actually don’t have anything I want to put in it! I think that while this past year has been very challenging (to say the least) I think it was also a valuable learning experience. We not only were able to learn new tools and skills that can be applied to many different situations, but also had the opportunity to connect more with family and oneself.

Many of us traded in the stressful work commute for the comfort of our house and pajama bottoms, daycare for homeschool, and the “I’m too busy” excuse for calls to family and loved ones. We saved time by doing that load of laundry in between meetings, got “away from our desk” for five minutes to play with our pets that are usually home all day by themselves, and were able to make more time for exercise and gain healthier eating habits!

I am happy to say that my “chuck-it bucket” is empty, but I am filling up my “bucket list” already in anticipation of 2021!

If you still want to share with your colleagues what is in your “chuck-it bucket,” let them know in the comments below!

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