HRO Refresh: Listen. Communicate. Ask questions.

November 23, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

As we enter the holiday season and continue to adapt to change, we must still be mindful of listening to others, communicating with good intentions, and providing opportunities for others to ask questions. 

The holidays will in fact look different this year, however, HRO Universal Relationship Skills remain the same and may help you in ways you didn’t realize. 

As part of the HRO Tool of the Month, we want to refresh your memory on a few Universal Relationship Skills that may be helpful to you at work and amongst friends and family. 

Listen with empathy and an intent to understand

  • Listening with empathy is giving of yourself. The current political climate may make conversations tougher than usual. This holiday season, we encourage you to listen to others and understand their perspectives. You may not agree, but you can find an understanding.
  • Repeat short phrases to indicate understanding. Short verbal affirmations are best — such as “yes” and “I see.” Do not tell others you know how they feel.
  • With some lag time in technology (Zoom or delayed texting), be sure the person is done with their statement before you begin talking. Withhold your feelings until the other person has completed their statement or story. 
  • Have empathy for your colleagues and patients/families during this unprecedented time. It’s been a tough year for everyone and we all deserve respect and empathy. 

Communicate the good intentions of your actions

  • Due to restrictions on gatherings, you may need to communicate to patients or your own family members about not having visitors during the upcoming holiday. Be sure to communicate your good intent and express empathy. 
  • As most communication is being done by email during this time, it is important to communicate to colleagues and patients/families exactly what you are doing and how your action will benefit them and contribute to attaining shared goals.
  • Responding to an email within a timely manner to explain that you are currently working on a response is a major way to demonstrate this skill. 

Provide the opportunity for others to ask questions 

  • With a heightened level of uncertainty, people have lots of questions. Try to provide the opportunity for others to ask questions when interacting. 
  • Provide opportunity for others to ask questions by pausing & making eye contact.
  • Also, think about ways to help patients ask questions that they may not feel comfortable articulating during an appointment.
  • If in a virtual meeting, allow time for questions at the end of the meeting. 

Resources for all 

Please check out these resources for more clarification on Universal Relationship Skills. There are downloadable and printable handouts that you can share with your team or hang in your areas. 

Refresh: HRO Universal Relationship Skills
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