HRO Refresh: Smile, greet, introduce yourself

November 15, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

This year has taken a mental and physical toll on many people. As we continue to adapt to change, we can still be mindful of greeting others both in-person and virtually. 

We are still in the midst of a chaotic year and many people need a boost of inspiration and positivity. As the holidays get closer, many people may feel anxiety and have bouts of loneliness. These two Universal Relationship Skills may help you in ways you didn’t realize. 

As part of the HRO Tool of the Month, we want to refresh your memory on a few Universal Relationship Skills that may be helpful to you at work and during the holiday season. 

Smiling and saying hello is not a weakness or a spark to a 15-20 minute long conversation. Sometimes it’s just the right thing to do/say in passing or before the seriousness of a meeting. 

  • Smile and say “hello” in virtual meetings. 
  • When in-person with coworkers or patients/families, wave and verbally greet others. For example, “Good morning” or “How are you today?”
  • Check in via Skype or another platform with members of your team. For example, “Hi there. Just saying hello and please let me know if you need any help today.” 
  • There are other ways to greet others: Elbow tap, wave, head nod, air hug, etc. 

Introducing yourself and others using preferred names and explaining roles can be related to giving respect, establishing an approachable atmosphere and providing clarity and understanding of roles. 

  • When with patients: Refer to others by their preferred — usually their first — name. For example, “this is Doctor Ashby, he prefers to go by his middle name, John.”
  • Explaining roles — to both team members and patients/families — helps everyone to learn names and makes sure all the right team members are there if you are working on an unfamiliar team. 
  • When virtually introducing a colleague, be sure to type their name and contact information in the chat (if available) for others to see or create a slide with their picture to show during the meeting.

These two Universal Relationship Skills are critical to building our culture at Michigan Medicine. Smiling and greeting others allows for an open and honest atmosphere. Properly introducing yourself and others allows for clarity and respect. Try using both of these at your next meeting or in-person encounter. 

Resources for all 

Please check out these resources for more clarification on Universal Relationship Skills. There are downloadable and printable handouts that you can share with your team or hang in your areas. 

Refresh: HRO Universal Relationship Skills
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Smile and Greet Others, Say Hello Infographic
Introduce Using Preferred Names and Explain Roles Infographic

Stay tuned to Headlines this month for more information on how you can apply Universal Relationship Skills to your day-to-day routines and even during the holiday season.