Compliance Week tips: Understanding feedback

November 1, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

It’s Corporate Compliance Week!  

The organization has been affected by many changes this year, and the Michigan Medicine Corporate Compliance Office has partnered with operations to mitigate new compliance risks and respond to questions and concerns.

Throughout the past several months, many Michigan Medicine staff members have truly lived out the organization’s mission and demonstrated the highest standards of ethical behavior by simply doing the right thing. 

This year for Compliance Week, the office will re-introduce a few tips on feedback and explain how each faculty member, staff and learner can adapt these tips in day-to-day work situations.

Learning how to better give and receive feedback now will help you and your team when faced with challenging circumstances around compliance and ethical behavior in the future.

Understanding feedback

There are two types of feedback: positive and constructive. Positive feedback is used to recognize and reinforce desired behavior. Constructive feedback addresses areas in need of improvement. 

While it’s important to provide your team members with both forms of feedback in order to improve and maintain quality performance, it’s just as critical that, as a leader, you are able to receive positive and constructive feedback, as well. By doing so, you’ll create an environment where these important conversations can happen easily.

Where feedback comes from

Feedback isn’t limited to official conversations in an annual review. From surveys to one-on-one conversations, feedback can appear in many different formats. 

Patient surveys: All managers have access to patient feedback, comments and scores, currently housed on the Quality Department’s website. You can find feedback from faculty and referring physicians, as well.  

Employee surveys: Ask the leaders in your area about your department’s scores and understand the trends. What areas have improved in your department since the last survey? What areas still need work? (Note: there was no 2020 Employee Engagement survey. However, you can review the data from 2019).

Onboarding new employees: New employees can offer a fresh perspective on processes and procedures. Be sure to emphasize an “open door” policy by encouraging new (and experienced) team members to share ideas and concerns about the department, organization, patient safety and compliance. Feedback should be a part of your team culture from day one.

Conversations with team members: Every conversation with an employee, no matter how informal, is an opportunity to solicit feedback. If an employee says, “Today was hectic!” ask why. What might have made it less chaotic? When you hold team huddles, are you soliciting regular feedback? If not, it’s not too late to start. Try it out in your next meeting.

Conversations with managers: Getting honest input from your manager is critical to that relationship. Build a solid rapport with your manager by giving and asking for feedback on a regular basis. Ask what you can do to better support departmental and organizational goals. 

Conversations with other internal stakeholders: Hearing about how other teams you support or work closely with perceive you can help to provide valuable insight in areas you may want to improve. It will also help you assess gaps between how you perceive your team and how others view them.

Online: Regularly glancing at the comments that patients post on Michigan Medicine’s main Facebook page, employee comments on the Employees at Michigan Medicine page, as well as each of the service line pages. What are they saying? You might be surprised. 

Feedback isn’t always easy to give or receive. However, when done correctly and when preparation meets the moment of opportunity, it will be well worth it.


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