Parking Structure Closures & Updates

October 23, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Glen Structure – Temporary Closure of North Exit (Glen Court) 

Beginning Tuesday, October 27 and lasting approximately a week, the Glen Structure north exit to Glen Court will be closed in order to repair the concrete in the exit lane. The north entry will remain open from Glen Court and parkers can exit the structure’s east exit to Glen Avenue.

P3 Stair Landing and P2 Misc. Construction Repairs

Beginning on Monday, November 2 and lasting approximately a week, Logistics, Transportation & Parking will initiate a critical repair to the Level 4 landing within the southeast stair tower at P3.  Concrete curb repairs will also be made to a railing area at the ground-level of P2.

  • During repairs at P3, the southeast stair tower will be closed on Levels 3.5 and 4.
  • Approximately 50 parking spaces will be temporarily closed–25 on each of the levels (3.5 and 4) in the vicinity of the stair tower. The space closures are due to fire code egress requirements and maintaining an acceptable distance between parking and a usable exit. 
  • Roughly half of the spaces are designated as Blue/COPH parking and the remainder are Patient/Visitor. 
  • House Officers can overflow into Patient/Visitor parking per their contract if Blue spaces are full.  
  • During the P2 railing repair, approximately one Patient/Visitor space will be impacted.

Signage will be posted to provide notification to parkers.  In late November – early December, a follow-up weekend closure of the stair tower (repair levels only) will be required to perform coating.