It’s National Pharmacy Week: Thank you to Michigan Medicine pharmacists, pharmacy techs and others for all you do!

October 19, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Pharmacy Strong! National Pharmacy Week 2020 is here. Pharmacy week is celebrated annually during the third full week of October to recognize the contributions of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and others that support safe medication use processes.

This year has been like no other. Provision and monitoring of care, novel therapy preparation and distribution, and stocking essential medications have been key to patient care successes amid COVID-19. 

Pharmacy technicians are most often involved in the procurement, preparation and distribution of medicines. Pharmacy technicians are essential to the effective distribution of medications in health systems.

Pharmacists, meanwhile, are involved in assistance in selection of medicines, monitoring outcomes and influencing future treatments. Pharmacists provide clinical expertise on the use of medications and oversee distribution processes of medications.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians also support the education and research missions of Michigan Medicine.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can be found in all areas of the health system, from hospitals to ambulatory care clinics to infusion centers to community pharmacies. In executing their various roles, pharmacists and pharmacy techs may be seen at the bedside of patients or in a pharmacy.

Please wish your pharmacy colleagues “Happy Pharmacy Week” and in this tumultuous time, encourage them to stay “Pharmacy Strong!”