Do you have immigration-related hiring questions? Faculty Affairs launches web portal

October 27, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Each year, the Office of Faculty Affairs Immigration Support and Compliance (ISC) assists U-M Medical School and other U-M faculty and managers in navigating the complex and ever-changing legal process of hiring, retaining, and promoting highly-skilled foreign national clinicians, educators, and researchers, and bringing in visiting international faculty, medical graduates, students and scholars. To streamline their services, ISC has launched a new, robust and agile case management software application.

More than ever in this digital, remote work environment, having one central location that houses all inquiries, documents and correspondences is essential to delivering high-quality service.

Developed by Health Information Technology and Services (HITS) and built on the ServiceNow platform, the new case management software replaces the original, eight-year-old system. During the last month, ISC rolled out the new application and provided training to more than 100 users.

The ISC portal is accessible through the Office of Faculty Affairs website. Only authorized users may submit an intake; however, anyone with Level-2 access may submit an inquiry using the “Ask us a question” button.

“This product is the first scoped application built on top of the ServiceNow foundation,” said Mike Grant, project manager for HITS. “We hope to do more with ServiceNow, so Michigan Medicine can have a consistency and stability around tools, much as MiChart does with clinical applications. Additionally, as we become more familiar with the platform, time spent on design and development is reduced.”

“The new Immigration Support application developed in ServiceNow is a great representation of the type of work we want to do in Business IT. This application not only enables Medical School Immigration Compliance and Support business processes, but it helps them be more efficient and improve the overall customer experience of the services they offer,” said Amanda Wright, product specialist in business IT – administrative applications for HITS.

If you have questions, contact or Ask us a question.