Give respect. Expect respect.

October 12, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership
Banners are going on display across the health system.

Civility and respect are the hallmarks of the core values at Michigan Medicine.

Our staff follow this code of conduct every day. To ensure that all who enter the health system are aware of these values and the expectations of all who visit, you will start to see posters and large banners promoting mutual respect at visible locations in facilities across Michigan Medicine.

In these turbulent times, the values and message to give and expect respect serve as an important reminder to our patients, families, visitors and Michigan Medicine community to appreciate each other and the diversity that is so important to our vision. The signage states that we do not tolerate any form of violence, aggression, discrimination or verbal harassment toward anyone for any reason.

Thank you for your continued support in honoring our code of conduct.