Automated payment technology set to launch in P1 parking structure

September 23, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Beginning Monday, Sept. 28, Logistics, Transportation & Parking will introduce automated payment technology in the P1 parking structure (Rogel Cancer Center).

The effort builds upon earlier phases completed in early 2020, which included a new patient/visitor parking rate structure and a streamlined validation process. Increased parking automation has been part of a longer-term plan to modernize and improve operational efficiency, sustain a high level of customer service, provide strong audit controls and enable 24/7 operations.  

To process parking payments and validations, patients/visitors will utilize pay-on-foot stations that accept cash and credit cards. In P1, the stations will be located on Level 1 of the structure outside the elevator lobby area.  

After payment is made at these stations, a terminal within the exit lanes reads processed tickets and raises the gate.

Signage will remind patients/visitors to take their parking tickets with them to their appointments. If someone forgets, an intercom is available at the pay-on-foot equipment for assistance. Additionally, if someone forgets to pay at a pay-on-foot station, payment can be made within the exit lane (by credit card).

During this transition, Logistics, Transportation & Parking will provide support via on-site personnel and intercoms installed in the equipment. Hours of operation will be based on patient volumes and staffing availability during the COVID-19 pandemic.