Week in Review: Week of August 10

August 14, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

From masks to music to those making a difference, this week had something for everyone at Headlines.

The week began with a breakdown of the organization’s mask and face coverings policy — and a reminder about why it’s so important to take pride in prevention. Later, there was a feature on a bedside music program that benefits COVID-19 patients and others with critical illnesses; the organization outlined major changes to bus and shuttle services; and faculty and staff were recognized with Making a Difference awards in July.

In case you missed anything, here’s the latest:

Take pride in prevention and limit the spread of COVID-19

As Michigan Medicine employees, we are often looked at as role models in the community regarding how to limit the spread of COVID-19. To set an example – and to help protect yourself, patients, visitors and colleagues – click through for more information on some easy steps you can take, such as wearing a mask or face covering at all times while on campus or in the community.

Better Together: Nursing, Gifts of Art bring music, comfort to the bedside

With changes to visitor policies and other restrictions, the past few months have been challenging for patients. To help overcome feelings of isolation, nursing and Gifts of Art have partnered to bring the outside world into patient rooms with virtual piano and violin concerts. See how their efforts, along with outside nonprofit Project: Music Heals Us, have improved the patient experience at the academic medical center.

Major changes coming to the campus bus system on Monday, Aug. 24

Logistics, Transportation & Parking (LTP) is making major changes to the university’s bus and shuttle system to better keep you safe while riding. The plan, developed in collaboration with College of Engineering (COE) and public health experts, includes a significant overhaul of the campus bus network.

Making a Difference: July 2020 highlights

Employees across the organization work hard to inspire their colleagues and make a difference in the lives of those they serve. Read about some of the remarkable faculty and staff members who were recognized by a patient, family member or coworker for their work in July.

Gifts of Art Director Elaine Sims stopped by The Wrap to discuss the virtual bedside music program and other services her team is providing during COVID-19. Check it out via the YouTube video above or media player below. Please note, the media player is not compatible with Internet Explorer, so open in a new browser or find it on your personal device to take a listen!