Update on ResponsiBLUE screening tool and the importance of practicing civility and respect

August 27, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

At Michigan Medicine, the safety of all who are working or studying here is a top priority. That’s why it is vital that COVID-19 health screening is performed before entering any U-M facility. To help expedite the process, the university introduced a new online screening tool, ResponsiBLUE, earlier this week.

Information & Technology Services has created a tip sheet for employees that addresses some of the common technical difficulties being experienced when first signing into the new tool. You can find the tip sheet attached.

Here are a few other notes to keep in mind regarding ResponsiBLUE:

  • The screening tool can be accessed at https://responsiblue.umich.edu. There is not an app available yet, so the tool cannot be found in the app store at this time. An app is expected in the future.
  • The website can be saved to your phone’s home screen for easy access. Follow these directions to do so.
  • The email account used to access the tool is your uniquename@umich.edu. Do not add “med” to the email address.
  • Your level 1 password is needed to login. This is the password used for timekeeping and to access your benefit information.

Practicing civility and respect

Those who fill out the ResponsiBLUE tool prior to coming to work will be able to utilize a separate line to expedite access at some of the major entrances across campus, including Taubman Center. Those who don’t use the tool will be verbally asked a series of questions by a staff member.

Please note, you cannot come to work until you have been screened.

Health screening is not only important, but necessary, to limit the spread of COVID-19 – in addition to helping the organization meet state and federal regulatory guidelines. The staff members managing the entrance screening are working diligently to get you through safely and quickly. They deserve your cooperation and support during this process.

In addition, our organization’s journey to high reliability depends on all of us practicing empathy and not engaging in or tolerating disrespectful behavior. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.