Michigan Medicine introduces touchless check-in experiences

August 26, 2020  //  FOUND IN: News,

Michigan Medicine is constantly looking for ways to improve the patient experience, even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

One way the organization is doing just that is by optimizing eCheck-in and introducing mobile arrival, touchless processes that allow patients to skip the line when they arrive for an appointment with a Michigan Medicine expert.

The changes launch today.

A streamlined process

“We wanted to create seamless procedures that will allow our staff to still get the essential information they need from patients without face-to-face contact,” said Balqis Elhaddi, administrative director for Ambulatory Care Services, who is helping launch the program. “At the same time, we are making it easier and more convenient for patients who come in for a visit at one of our clinics.”

So how does eCheck-in and mobile arrival work?

Prior to an appointment, patients log onto the patient portal (at either myuofmhealth.org or via the MyUofMHealth mobile app), update their personal and health information and answer any questionnaires they are assigned based on the type of visit they will be having.

“All of the information entered in eCheck-In is safe, secure and protected within the patient portal,” said Jenny Esch, a business systems analyst at Michigan Medicine. 

On top of filling out their information, a patient can also activate “mobile arrival,” which uses the location services feature on their smartphone or tablet to detect when they arrive at the clinic. The patient will receive a prompt to confirm their arrival, which will then alert staff via MiChart that they are present.

Patients must have completed the eCheck-in process for their appointment in order for the mobile arrival service to work properly.

“Previously, all of these processes were performed via face-to-face contact with patient services associates and other team members,” Elhaddi said. “This will create an enhanced experience for the patient, while making the entire check-in process more efficient and effective.”

Why it’s important

Elhaddi said the programs will help reduce paperwork completed on-site.

“This will make it more convenient for those who want an easier process when they come in for care,” said Elhaddi.

It also will improve the workflow for faculty and staff. And while the services weren’t specifically designed with COVID-19 in mind, they will limit face-to-face interactions and keep everyone as safe as possible.

What you can do

In order for eCheck-in and mobile arrival to be as effective as possible, faculty and staff are encouraged to suggest the services to those patients whom would benefit.

“While it’s important to get people onboard, not everyone may be comfortable using their personal devices in these ways,” Esch said. “For those individuals, the traditional check-in services will remain available in our clinics.”

For those who are interested, you can provide them with details on how to download the mobile app and activate mobile arrival.

“We’re extremely excited to launch these programs and we think our patients will be excited to take advantage of them,” Elhaddi said. “These are just two of the many ways we’re looking out for our patients and trying to make it as easy as possible to get world-class care.”