High reliability awareness training resumes today

August 18, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

After canceling in-person high reliability universal skills classes due to COVID-19, the curriculum has been modified into an eLearning series that is now available in MLearning. At this time, there is no in-person or virtual “class” that needs to be completed.

This virtual eLearning series should be completed by all faculty and staff who are assigned SAFE-C90239 in MLearning, and did not complete an in-person course prior to March 12, 2020. Here are a few key points about the new eLearning series:

  • If you are required to complete HRO Universal Skills, you will be assigned the SAFE-C90239 “certification” in your MLearning learning plan
    • NOTE: If you already completed the in-person version of HRO Universal Skills, you do NOT need to complete this eLearning series
  • The series consists of eight (8) individual eLearning units that you should complete in sequence. Progress is saved, so the certification can be done over time
  • The deadline for completion is Nov. 30, 2020

An FAQ with more information can be found here. Please reach out to HRO-Training@med.umich.edu with any clarifying questions.