Citrix Receiver Upgrade Begins Monday August 17

August 13, 2020  //  FOUND IN: News

From Monday, August 17 through Thursday, August 27, Citrix Receiver (used to access MiChart) will be upgraded to a new version called Citrix Workspace on all Windows Core devices where it is currently installed.

Computers will be divided into deployment groups and the installation will occur during the maintenance window on a different day for each group. The deployment will prompt users before installation, as it will require Citrix — and by extension, MiChart connections — to be closed. Users will be able to defer the upgrade two times before the system will force the workstation to upgrade.

There is a 15-minute timer so you can save your work and close MiChart before the installation begins. If the system is not powered on during the deployment window, the device will receive the update next time it is powered on and connected.

What does this mean?

  • The core windows computer will require a reboot after installation.
  • Any user-created shortcuts to Michigan Medicine-hosted applications, such as MiChart, may no longer work.
The old Citrix Receiver icon
The new blue Citrix Workspace icon

Please note, whenever software or applications are upgraded, the shortcut “pathway” may no longer be valid and may not allow the shortcut to open to the correct location. Therefore, Health Information Technology & Services discourages the use of shortcuts.

For more information on Citrix Workspace App., personal/public owned devices and hosted applications, please visit the Accessing Hosted Applications from Outside the Michigan Medicine Network document