Help alleviate traffic congestion on the medical campus

July 20, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

In an effort to reduce medical campus traffic congestion and delays that are affecting patients’ abilities to arrive for appointments in a timely manner, please be reminded of the designated locations for passenger drop-off and pickup, as well as food vendor deliveries.

Employee drop-off and pick-up locations

All faculty and staff members who are being dropped off or picked up at the medical center by private vehicles, corporate shuttles, Uber/Lyft services, limousines and taxis, should only utilize the section of E. Hospital Drive past the Mott C&W Circle Drive, where the drive continues around the north and west sides of the P4 parking structure.

Once dropped off, the employee should proceed to the Mott C&W main entrance. Employees who are leaving and being picked up should proceed to that same area to be picked up.

The front entrance circle drives to Taubman Center, C&W and the Rogel Cancer Center should not be used for any staff drop-offs or pickups, as these “stops” cause traffic back-ups which delay patient and visitor arrivals for care services.

Please be advised that vehicular drivers waiting for pick-up at an entrance that is not designated by the policy will be directed to move to the designated location on E. Hospital Drive.

Employees arriving by foot or by bus

Employee entrances at the Rogel Cancer Center, C&W, and CVC are still available for those arriving on foot or by bus transport.

Food delivery locations

It is very important that food deliveries not compete with patient and visitor traffic flow. Food vendor deliveries for staff can be made in two locations:

  • The Med Inn west revolving door. Exchange payment and items in the doorway. If you exit the building, the door will lock behind you.
  • The E. Hospital Drive/Simpson Rd street-parking spaces, past the Mott C&W main entrance circle drive.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation in improving timely arrival to care and services provided on the main medical campus.