2020 Virtual Art Fair: Poetry and Literature

July 23, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Hero by Alison Knapp, business analyst, Office of Development

Nonessential, I
Click away at my keyboard upstairs
Futzing with spreadsheets
Saving zero lives
Finding nary a cure, while downstairs,

Essential, he
Clacks away at his keyboard,
Downloading issue sets and
Closing user-error tickets
Between Xbox breaks —
All the while, valiantly, tirelessly
Resuscitating my calm,
Defibrillating my synapses,
Fireman-carrying my laugh
Out of the flaming wreckage,
Scrubbing away the pointlessness
In just 20 seconds

April Snow on Spring Blooms by Cel Gallardo, medical technologist

April snow on Spring blooms
When you’re locked down in a world of
pain and hear people’s sorrows everywhere.
Days go floating by …
But know there is HOPE!
For Spring blooms will not be hurt by snow…
And this too shall pass to pave the way for summer
So that sunshine can bring life abound!

Through Their Eyes by Patricia Anderson, administrative assistant

What do you see when you see me?

Is it the color of my skin, the shape of my body, the clothes I am wearing?

What do you see?

You can’t say you see my educational level or that I am a mother or father, or what language I speak.

What do you see?

What do you really see?

Do you profile me as being uneducated, someone with no job, a thief or robber, do I look homeless? Do I look like someone who would harm you?

What do you see?

The expression I carry on my face from all the hidden racism I have experienced?

What do you see?

The prejudice, discrimination or antagonism that has been directed toward me, or do you characterize me as inferior or superior?

So I ask again, what do you see?

How can you fix what you see when you profile me?

Maybe rethink how you see me. Teach and educate yourself my history and feel the pain I have felt from my ancestors and the lynching and burning of my people. You put laws in place, racial covenants, keeping me from fair housing. You say untruths to hurt me and others.

So I ask again, what do you see when you see me?

My Happy List by Diane Marriott, Dr.PH

My name’s Annie McNally
And I want you to know
There are things you can do
When you’re feeling low.

My little green book
Of my favorite good things
Oh, the happiness, pleasure
The joy that it brings!

What can I do that is
Just for me?
That’s easy, that’s fun
And that is even free!

Because I can choose to be happy
Or choose to be sad.
Choose to be grateful
Or hop-steaming mad!

I pull out my list
Of my favorite places,
Tastes, things and people
And even tight spaces!

Like under the big kitchen wood table.
Where I can play teacher or
Marbles with Mable

My wiener dog, Wiggles
Can give me a laugh.
He walks on the ceiling
And takes soap bubble baths.

My favorite book can make me quite happy.
It’s about the adventures of
Space Girl Borbakky

You have it within you.
You know all the things.
What makes you happy?
What makes you sing?

Write them all down.
And decorate plenty.
Pull them out
When you need them.
And make yourself merry!

It’s your secret power.
Your secret list.
Yours to make true.
Your shortcut to big dreams!
From me, Annie, to you!

The Frontline by Melinda Seiler, CPOE application coordinator, MiChart team

Some will stay and some will go,
giving your all is what you know.
By night you cry, by day you smile
always going the extra mile.
The endless nights turn into day,
to help ‘just one more” is your way.
Fears are calmed, tears are dried,
you fight on side-by-side.
Life will be forever changed,
Priorities rearranged.
But hope lives on through your kind word,
the gentle message always heard.
To all who each day help us cope,
Hail to the Frontline, our Angels of Hope.

By Jennifer Barney, call center representative, Canton Health Center

I have forgiven
I have blown it off
I have gave time to pass
But the ugly stays
Choices are hard
choices are black an gray
The audience has even seen the dark, why can it just be light maybe a little rain to end the day.
The fake / the dirty is only hidden for so long
This is a choice that keeps being scrapped to the surface
Hold to what you know
Stick to what u you want
But worry when the tears no longer fall and the silence makes your skin crawl.
Have a drink
Or two
Turn off the light
Sleep on your back
You may have a love, for one
But the love is like shoving it underground to be found to show the memories that needed to be kept lost.
Enjoy the talk, the walk
wake up at 3 am looking for those tears
The tears are still here; good for you. Break the moments one piece at a time.
You keep them in the mud as you point and laugh when only you should had just offered a open hand.

By Tina Creguer, project manager, U-M Precision Health


A gowned, reverent arrival.
Sudden submersion.
Earnest supplication.
Cleansing away 12 months of transgressions. 57 years of misdeeds.
The sensation is ever the same — remorse, acceptance, joy.
A new beginning; a virginal season of hope and light.

She rises. Redeemed. Reborn.
And cannonballs in again.


Tonight the moon is a giant
Glow-in-the-Dark Superball.
I would like to pop it in my mouth.
Roll it wetly.
Taste its smoothness.
Test its firmness.
I wonder if it would make my cheeks glow.
I wonder if it would make me look like a lunatic…

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