The Michigan Medicine blog recap

June 19, 2020  //  FOUND IN: News

A roundup of articles from both the Michigan Health and Michigan Health Lab blogs, which cover stories on breaking news and research, health tips and wellness that you won’t want to miss.

Bringing Prenatal and Infant Care to Underserved Communities

The Luke Clinic brings free prenatal and obstetric services to Detroit. READ MORE

“They Put Him Back Together Again”

How Michigan Medicine helped one patient get back to mobility and life after a seven-story fall left him critically injured and paralyzed. READ MORE

Patients’ Social Factors Matter When Judging Hospitals, but New Study Suggests a Need to Measure Them Differently

Study using two databases suggests need for new measures in surgical readmission risk adjustment. READ MORE

Mosquitos and Ticks: 6 Tips to Swat Away Two Summer Spoilers for Kids

Mosquito and tick bites are usually just a nuisance but in some cases, they may also transmit disease. A Mott pediatrician offers parents 6 tips to combat these bugs. READ MORE

What to Know About Applying to Medical School as a “Nontraditional”

A University of Michigan Medical School student shares in-depth advice for applicants, ranging from the MCAT and prereqs to how they can highlight unique life experiences and career journeys. READ MORE

When a Pandemic Hits, But So Does a Heart Infection

Other health emergencies didn’t stop for COVID-19. One man who needed heart surgery right before the crisis shares his story. READ MORE

Could the Cure for IBD Be Inside Your Mouth?

A new study describes how poor oral health may worsen gut inflammation. READ MORE

Does Bariatric Surgery Help or Harm Patients with ESKD?

A new study assesses the impact of bariatric surgery on patients with end stage kidney disease. READ MORE

Triple Baby Joy for New Dads During the Pandemic

And then there were five: Firefighter husband and wife duo and a Brighton-area couple celebrate their first Father’s Days with triplets during COVID-19. READ MORE

Rare Heart Procedure Keeps Aortic Valve Healthy for Over 20 Years

One woman shares her experience with the Ross procedure, an aortic valve replacement surgery performed by only a few cardiac surgeons in the country. READ MORE