Employee self-screening tool for entrance points

June 3, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

A new mobile tool has been developed to replace verbal health screenings to avoid bottlenecks at Michigan Medicine employee entrance points. The tool, which can be accessed via phone on the website healthscreen.umich.edu, will ask questions about symptoms, risk factors and job function.

Based on the employee responses, users will either see a green screen with a check mark, indicating they can proceed through the screening point and report to work, or a red screen, indicating that they should stay home and contact OHS.

Those employees who have a personal device are required to answer the online screening questions before leaving for work. By not closing the browser, the green screen will be available to display to security once employees are on-site.

Be sure to answer the question “Are you a Michigan Medicine or School of Dentistry employee or student who will be involved in clinical care activities or supporting clinical care activities today” with a “yes” if you will be coming to Michigan Medicine do any sort of work at a health system building or facility.

The tool is available for use now and can be accessed by clicking here. The easiest way to access the self-health screening tool regularly is to make it a bookmark or icon on your smartphone. To do that, follow these directions.

Should employees not have a phone readily available, they will be screened verbally by Michigan Medicine personnel.