Wellness Wednesday tips: Navigating life during stressful times

May 6, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and protecting your mind during the current pandemic is essential to your well-being. These are not normal times. This is a new and stressful situation and many people feel overwhelmed at the thought that everyone will be dealing with this for an extended period of time.

The positive spin to this is that there are ways to manage life during this crisis. Change often brings stress. In the current situation, it is important for our mental health to acknowledge the stress and re-channel that energy to focus on controlling what we can.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate life during this time:

Practice optimistic self-talk

It’s hard, especially with the current reality. However, try to notice your thoughts and patterns. Are there triggers that make you anxious or induce stressful thoughts? Once you have taken note, challenge your thoughts. Is there something you can control? Can you see your thought and feelings in a different light? Next, practice swapping out the negative thoughts to more positive thoughts. Try your best to see the good.

Start thinking about a new life plan

Life as we know it is different. Whether you are on the front line, homeschooling your kid(s), caring for a loved one or just missing your friends, everything feels different. As the world adapts to a new way of life, it may be a good time to start revamping your vision board, finances and future plans — or at least thinking about it.

Build resilience

Resilience is a core part of the Michigan Medicine culture. Once there is nothing else you can do to change your situation, instead of stressing, try to push through and practice building your resilience. Try more self-care activities — for example, here is a game of Self-Care Bingo! Think positive thoughts/assume goodness, take deep breaths (this really helps!) and more.

Know that you will be ok

No one is alone in this. We all are feeling the anxiety of the unknown. But, we all will get through this and a new way of life will be the new reality.