Week in Review: Week of May 11, 2020

May 15, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

From mask reprocessing to patient care management, employees across the organization have played hundreds of different roles during the COVID-19 pandemic. And a number of those responsibilities were highlighted this week at Headlines!

On top of the two teams mentioned above, the newsletter also featured nurses who have looked out for their patients and colleagues in innumerable ways, and faculty and staff working on quality improvement efforts were asked to submit their posters for Quality Month 2020.

In case you missed anything, here’s the latest:

Mask crusaders: The force behind critical PPE conservation efforts

As much of the world faced a shortage of personal protective equipment, a team at Michigan Medicine set out to find ways to combat any possible issues in the organization. The result? A safe and efficient way to reuse and recycle vital N95 masks through the use of ultraviolet light and heat. Learn more about this feat of innovation!

Paving the road to recovery: Care Management team helping COVID-19 patients find success

More than 400 patients have been discharged after receiving treatment for COVID-19 at Michigan Medicine and they face unique challenges as they return home. That includes ensuring they have enough strength to take care of themselves or that they safe housing, isolated from family. Click through to learn about Care Management, a team of nurses and social workers who help patients meet these needs.

Beyond the call: Nurses step up in extraordinary ways during COVID-19

To close out Nurses Week, team members were recognized for going the extra mile for patients, families and colleagues. For instance, Lisa Rohlig, R.N., volunteered to staff the RICU when it first opened and the Brandon NICU nurses created care packages for coworkers across the organization. Check out those examples and more of nurses demonstrating their selflessness over the past few months.

Showcasing the Leaders and Best: Quality Month makes call for posters

Even in the face of unprecedented challenges caused by a global pandemic, faculty and staff across Michigan Medicine are implementing quality improvement efforts to ensure safe, quality care for patients. If you’re one of the teams doing such valuable work, be sure to submit your efforts for recognition during Quality Month 2020. Click here for details!

This week, The Wrap employee podcast took a closer look at the surge in virtual care taking place around the organization. Find out what is driving the increase – and how patients and providers are reacting to it – by listening via the YouTube link above or media player below. Please note, the media player is not compatible with Internet Explorer, so open in a new browser or find on your personal device to take a listen!