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May 11, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

Leaders hosted a Virtual Town Hall on Friday, May 8 to discuss the Economic Recovery Plan and plans to ramp up and return to “new normal” operations.

For the health system, the primary goals and targets for the next 14 months include a $300 million cost reduction, 1,100 FTE reduction, reducing cost per unit of service and increasing access to 24/7 in the hospitals and 12/7 in the ambulatory clinics.

The medical school is charged with cost reductions of $100 million and 300 FTE reductions. Medical students will be reintegrated in the clinical learning environment by June 8 and residency programs will return to routine operations as soon as possible.

Research and lab reactivation will also occur with specific precautionary guidelines that include social distancing, rotating lab schedules and safety/hygiene measures. Office and dry lab research will continue remotely.

Specific segment leaders are being asked to develop action plans to support the Economic Recovery Plan for implementation in June. Learn more by reviewing the Economic Recovery Plan FAQs.