Wellness Wednesday tips: How to navigate the ‘new normal’

April 15, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Navigating “new normals” in the midst of a pandemic is extremely difficult. Everything from working norms to parenting norms have changed, however, there are intentional methods that may provide ease during this transition. Remember, you are not alone! Everyone is navigating these new normals together.

  • Create new routines: A daily routine or schedule can help renew some normalcy of life. Carve out realistic timeframes for work, breaks and family time.
  • Virtual coffee (or Happy Hour): Schedule time to have a virtual cup of coffee with your coworkers. This could be a great time to share self-care tips, have a virtual contest or let organic conversation lead.
  • Unplug on nights and weekends: If you are working from home, you may have found yourself more connected to your email and work projects than you were previously. Remember it is essential to your mental health to unplug and take time away from work responsibilities.
  • Create virtual playdates: Parents may find it difficult to get uninterrupted time to work during their children’s waking hours. Alleviate some of this pressure by scheduling virtual playdates with family, friends and classmates.
  • Acknowledge your feelings and be flexible: Some days may be more difficult than others, give yourself grace, and be flexible to unexpected change.

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