The Michigan Medicine blog recap

April 24, 2020  //  FOUND IN: News

A roundup of articles from both the Michigan Health and Michigan Health Lab blogs, which cover stories on breaking news and research, health tips and wellness that you won’t want to miss.

Turning On the ‘Off Switch’ in Cancer Cells

Scientists have identified the binding pocket for molecules that can stabilize a key braking mechanism in cancer — opening the door to the development of drugs that target it. READ MORE

6 Ways to Support Children with Autism During the Pandemic

For children with autism, disruptions in schedules and treatment may exacerbate behavior troubles. READ MORE

Pivoting Critical Care Research to Help with the COVID-19 Pandemic

From a negative pressure helmet to enhanced protocols, investigators are adapting their research to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. READ MORE

Spinal Cord Injury Increases Risk for Mental Health Disorders

A new study finds adults with traumatic spinal cord injury are at an increased risk of developing mental health disorders and secondary chronic diseases compared to adults without the condition. READ MORE

Treating a Broken Bone During a Pandemic

The fear of catching COVID-19 delayed a patient from seeking emergency treatment for a broken ankle. But thanks to a newly opened specialty care clinic, he’ll be riding the trails again soon. READ MORE

Please Don’t (Need to) Use My Work

Although the ethical allocation of scarce resources during a public health emergency are guidelines this internist developed, she hopes to never see them used. READ MORE

U-M Neurologists Voice Need for More Environmental Research

Scientists are discovering how pollutants are linked to neurodegenerative diseases like ALS, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. READ MORE

Personalized Device Could Support Multiple COVID-19 Patients From Single Ventilator

3D printing fuels U-M efforts to rapidly increase ventilator capacity while providing each patient on vent support with individually tailored gas pressures and pressure monitoring. READ MORE

Thrive with Your Family: Processing Change

Experts tackle processing change while understanding feelings, responding to new behaviors, juggling home and work and managing screen time during the coronavirus crisis. READ MORE

5 Reasons to Embrace At-Home Cardiac Rehab

Your in-person cardiac rehabilitation program might be suspended for now, but that’s no reason you can’t work out at home. Find out why being your own personal coach is more important now than ever. READ MORE

From the NFL Draft to Setting Broken Bones: the Doctor Is Still In

An orthopaedic surgeon and NFL team physician shares how tools like video conferencing are being used behind the scenes during the pandemic to provide continuity of care for all. READ MORE