Rogel music therapist delivers healing tunes to staff, patients

April 20, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees
Bob Huffman plays for patients and staff.

Bob Huffman sat in the RICU with his guitar in hand and a cell phone balancing on his knee. As he played, the music came out into the patient’s room through the other end of the phone line.

Huffman, a music therapist with the Rogel Cancer Center’s Patient and Family Support Services program, found a way to bring his healing music to patients throughout the RICU.

Earlier, he was at the Rogel Cancer Center, playing for cancer patients who had come in for infusion treatments and for three live Zoom sessions that Rogel staff tuned in for.

“It is very clear that the staff need this as much as the patients,” said Donna Murphy, LMSW, director of Patient and Family Support Services. “We are humbled and privileged to do work that helps people heal, express themselves in ways that don’t always require spoken word, and create a ‘new normal’ for themselves as their lives are redefined without notice, for an amount of time that is not determined.”

The Zoom sessions are part of a new series PFSS staff are offering within the Rogel Cancer Center. Future calls will focus on breath work and affirmations to help staff cope, create and find their way.

“Bob’s positive spirit and the gift of music lifted many souls today,” said Julie Juno, M.S.N., B.S.N., R.N., a clinical nurse manager in the RICU. “Hearing the soft, gentle music playing in the background made this feel like a different space for that moment in time.

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