#Hailtothefrontline: Faculty, staff, learners give thanks during challenging times

April 2, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Across Michigan Medicine, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, Environmental Services staff, security personnel, administrators and hundreds of others are serving patients.

The teams are working long hours in challenging conditions to ensure the safety of both the community and their colleagues.

Recently, Headlines asked Michigan Medicine employees and learners to send in thank you messages to these inspiring colleagues.

That call generated a heartwarming response, not only from employees, but from the community at large. And the call continues beyond today, as it merges with another campaign called “Hailtothefrontline.” Social media posts and messages of gratitude can be shared using the hashtag #Hailtothefrontline. For those who don’t utilize social media, you can still send notes, photos and videos to headlines@med.umich.edu.

Take a look at the video above and a few messages below to see just a fraction of the thankfulness on display at Michigan Medicine.

And from all of us at Headlines, thank you to the front-line faculty, staff and learners for everything you are doing every day. Your commitment is an inspiration to us all.

From Steve Mohler, PFCC advisor, radiation oncology:

“To everyone at Michigan Medicine, I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you’re doing. These are very difficult times and your dedication and caring goes beyond words. Everyone involved from administration, doctors, nurses, techs, research, security and all support personnel is incredible! Please know that it is very difficult to not be there with you. Please take care of each other, stay safe and thank you for continuing to do what you do.”

From Kit Werner, Ph.D., M.S., R.N., director, Patient Food and Nutrition Services:

“I am extremely impressed with the effort so many staff members and leaders have demonstrated at this unprecedented time. It is refreshing to see everyone working together to do whatever they can to help meet the needs of our patients and to preserve and protect our greatest resource — the employees who are committed to doing whatever is required to meet the needs of our patients. I know that many are putting in long hours working together with others to make strategic decisions that are helping us all deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Please accept my note of gratitude and a profound thank you!”

From Amanpreet Kaur, postdoctoral fellow, U-M Medical School:

“My fiancé Subhash and I want to thank all the Michigan Medicine employees for their sincere and dedicated efforts to ensure that all the patients recover fast from illness and keep the rest of the community safe. Whenever I go to sleep at night, I realize that we may sleep in peace, but there are our friends who are spending sleepless nights in hospitals fighting to save the lives of their patients. It is all because of their sincere efforts that people who are infected get the treatment they deserve. Thanks a lot to all of my buddies for all you are doing.”

From Denise Williams, Ph.D., M.S., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, organizational effectiveness consultant:

“Words cannot express my gratitude and pride at the incredible courage, compassion, skill, empathy and resilience our incredible patient care teams have exhibited during the COVID-19 crisis. I cannot even imagine what you are all going through right now, and your keen focus on the welfare of those you serve is an inspiration and source of awe. I feel great comfort knowing that we have the absolute best caregivers and providers anywhere so that our communities will be as safe as possible. Many, many thanks from the bottom of my heart.” 

From Tasha Kaiser, clinical research coordinator:

“During this chaotic time, many people are fearful for themselves, families and loved ones. It is easy (but not intentional) to forget about those who are putting their life and families at risk to continue working and support everyone during this dire time of need. So to all of you who continue efforts to fight this pandemic and everyone else first before yourselves, thank you! We will never be able to fully express our immense gratitude for your kindness, time and dedication!”

From Charmaine Cooley, U-M Medical Student, Class of 2020:

“I just want to say thanks to all of the dedicated faculty and staff who are working together amidst unusual circumstances. May you be blessed with peace and comfort, as you provide the same to your patients and colleagues. You are immeasurably appreciated and we are so grateful for your commitment.”

From anonymous employee:

“I want to send a big thank you to nurses, doctors, nurses, medical assistants, transporters, mail delivery staff and maintenance workers. Thanks to all the admin assistants, technologists, educational designers, facilities staff, safety and security personnel, clerks, chefs and environmental services employees. Finally, thank you to anyone who is not involved in direct patient care, but help to make this place run, especially now.

This is not a one-person sport. Everyone is contributing to making this a wonderful place.”

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