CLER Tip of the Week: Supervision

April 2, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

“Supervision” is one of the major domains assessed during a CLER visit. The ACGME expects sponsoring institutions to have processes in place to guarantee appropriate supervision to ensure patient safety as well as progressive autonomy for residents.

A site visitor may ask, “What would you do if an intern asked for a procedure kit to perform a procedure, and you are concerned that she doesn’t have the experience to perform the procedure without supervision?”

The right answer would be taking steps to confirm and verify.

Michigan Medicine uses a system called MedHub, which is a database that allows anyone to check on residents’ ability to perform procedures independently or with direct supervision.

During the visit, a nurse may be asked to demonstrate that she knows how to access MedHub. No login in is required. The link to this section of MedHub is found via the Clinical Home Page tab at:

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