April 4, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Announcements, Updates & Resources


The safety of our team members remains our highest priority.  We’ve received several questions from staff and are addressing in this segment:

When do I need to wear a N95 mask?

N95 masks should be worn by health care workers who are in the room during an aerosol-generating procedure (see AGP above). N95 masks filter out small particles that may be formed during AGPs and must be fit tested to be effective.  

Because COVID is primarily spread through respiratory droplet transmission, a standard medical mask together with eye protection, gown and gloves, is protective in preventing transmission of COVID when no aerosol generating procedures are being performed. Please click here to view Michigan Medicine’s PPE recommendations.

Can I bring in my own PPE, specifically an N-95 mask?

For the safety of all team members and patients, we do not support this.

  1. It is not possible to guarantee that masks brought from home meet the safety requirements of the FDA.
  2. Even if the mask was formerly FDA-certified, the integrity or condition cannot be assured.
  3. The mask may not fit properly. N95 masks must be fit tested to be effective. We are unable to provide fit testing for every type of mask that may come from home.
  4. Masks which have not been properly stored may be compromised or contaminated. We can ensure that hospital-supplied masks have been stored properly.

We would be happy to partner with any staff who say they have a source of N95 masks. Our Supply Chain team is working around the clock to accept donations, assess for FDA regulations, and get quality product into our hospitals.