Week in Review: Week of March 16, 2020

March 20, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

As you reach the end of the week, it’s a great chance to stop and thank all of the incredible faculty and staff who are working hard to keep Michigan Medicine at the forefront of patient care.

And with so much information being released regarding COVID-19, it’s been easy to miss some of what’s happening at Michigan Medicine. Fortunately, the Week in Review is here to help.

Here’s the latest:

COVID-19 updates

Headlines maintains a webpage devoted to COVID-19 resources, including FAQs, leadership messages, stories, protocols and guidelines. It’s an easy way to make sure you stay informed of the latest updates and learn all you need to know during the pandemic.

Maintain your emotional well-being during COVID-19

Earlier this week, the newsletter featured tools and tips from the Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience (OCWR) that will help you protect your mental health. From ways to meet with the organization’s experts to ideas on how to stay connected while social distancing, click here to see what OCWR has to offer.

Meet Michigan Medicine: Department of Pharmacy

With more than 500 employees across Michigan Medicine, the Department of Pharmacy plays a critical role in patient care, education and research. Each year, the team processes roughly 4.4 million medication orders, provides about 6.9 million inpatient doses, and dispenses approximately 264,000 specialty and outpatient prescriptions. Find out more about this vital group!

For the love of the game: Rollverines reflect on another successful season

Even though the NCAA men’s basketball tournaments aren’t taking place this week, Headlines still had your basketball fix! Check out this story and video on the Michigan Rollverines, a pediatric wheelchair basketball team that provides players and their families with an athletic and social outlet.

It’s Nutrition Month: Find healthier finds at U-M

Every day is busy, whether your prepping for work or feeding your children. And it’s that busy schedule that often makes eating healthy seem so difficult. Thankfully, MHealthy has ways you can make sure you’re getting the nutrition you need, no matter your workload. In honor of National Nutrition Month, click through to see how you can easily watch what you eat! 

Nutrition Month was also featured on this week’s episode of The Wrap! Check it out via the YouTube link at the top of the page or the media player below.