Reminder: Remain vigilant for cybercrimes related to COVID-19

March 31, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Michigan Medicine encourages everyone to remain vigilant for scams related to COVID-19.  

Cybercriminals have been sending malicious files disguised as video instructions on how to protect oneself from the coronavirus. They have also sent malicious attachments or links to fraudulent websites to trick victims into revealing sensitive information or donating to fraudulent charities or causes.

Some of these communications have even been carefully designed to appear as though they are coming from the World Health Organization and other trusted government agencies. 

Click here and here for two examples of recent scams.

Exercise caution in handling any email with a COVID-19-related subject line, attachment or hyperlink, and be wary of social media pleas, texts or calls related to COVID-19.

Given these increasing threats, please remember the following:

Phishing attacks are the largest threat to the security of data at Michigan Medicine. Some helpful tips to avoid taking the bait:

  • Always avoid clicking links or opening attachments from unsolicited emails.
  • Never enter your user your user ID, password, personal or financial information to any email prompt from an unfamiliar source.
  • Watch for emails demanding immediate reaction and causing strong emotion.
  • When reading any email, stop and think before reacting.
  • Verify a charity’s authenticity before making donations. Review the Federal Trade Commission’s page on Charity Scams for more information.

Additional resources: