Monthly radiation dosimeters due

March 2, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Monthly radiation dosimeters (“badges”) were due for exchange on or about March 1.

Please return your February dosimetry to your departmental dosimetry contact and retrieve your March dosimetry. The wear period is shown on the front and back of the dosimeter.

Quarterly dosimetry should be worn until the end of March.

On-time return of dosimetry enables timely reporting of results and improves departmental compliance with university policy and the Michigan Medicine dosimetry policy.

Dosimetry results are emailed to each department shortly after release by the dosimetry processor; if you wish to review your dosimetry results, see your departmental dosimetry contact or dosimetry supervisor.  To confidentially access your dosimetry results using the serial number on the back of your badge, follow these instructions.

If you have further questions about radiation dosimetry, contact the U-M Radiation Safety Service at 734-764-4294.