MiChart upgrade coming April 19

March 3, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The next MiChart upgrade is planned for Sunday, April 19. MiChart System downtime for the upgrade is expected to be from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m.

The April upgrade will include updates, system maintenance and new features to the MiChart application. The newest upgrade will enable some significant changes and enhancements, including:

  • Improved order search features to boost frequent searches and account for typos.
  • A new layout in the inpatient Care Plan to review and manage the plan, document progress and resolve the plan, and write the care plan note.
  • Streamlined LDA Avatar assessment and display.
  • The LOS (level of service) activity will move from the Wrap Up tab to the bottom right of the Orders Bar so that it will be easily available at any time during the visit.

To prepare for the changes to the Care Plan layout, this short Care Plan “It’s Possible” video will help orient nursing to the changes coming with the next MiChart Upgrade. To view, users will need their Michigan Medicine (Level-2) login to access the site and video.

MiChart Training Materials Coming Tuesday, March 17

Starting Tuesday, March 17, training materials for the latest upgrade to Michigan Medicine’s Electronic Health Record will be available on the MiChart Upgrade Training website.

To prepare for the Nursing Care Plan changes and other enhancements, eLearning modules have been prepared for Inpatient Nursing, Allied Health, and Revenue Cycle department users to complete before these changes go into effect. Users assigned in MLearning are encouraged to complete the eLearning modules to ensure that we have a seamless upgrade and go-live on April 19.

MiChart users who have attended user experience labs or spent time in the practice environment are still encouraged to take the eLearning to see additional features.

Practice Environment

All MiChart users are also invited to spend time in the Practice Environment where they can test their daily workflows and see new features in an upgraded environment. This is available through Virtual Places.

Select the Epic MiChart Upgrade Practice Environment icon to log in. Detailed instructions for accessing the practice environment, including login and patient information, can be found on the Practice Environment webpage.

For more information

For updates, please visit the upgrade page of the MiChart website and see the weekly Tell-All newsletters which will be posted on the News & Updates page each Tuesday.