COVID-19 UPDATE: UMMG/Ambulatory |Entrance Closings | Visitor Policy Update

March 16, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

To all Michigan Medicine employees:

Here’s an update on the latest COVID-19 preparations. Again, we thank you for your patience, dedication and flexibility as we plan for and actively care for patients affected by this pandemic.

Information in this message includes:


UMMG and Ambulatory Update

Please click here to download the document for important information about:

  • Definition of people at high risk for COVID-19 complications
  • Appointment guidance for patients not at risk for COVID-19
  • Ambulatory staffing
  • Supply chain
  • Deferral of clinic-based procedures
  • Front-line staff

Entrance Closings

Some important entrance changes will occur first thing Monday. To ensure effective screening of everyone entering our facilities, we will be closing a significant number of entrances around the main medical campus. Employees must have their MCARD badge for entry.

We will keep 12 points of entry open during the day and seven at night. These changes will take place at 4 a.m. Monday.

The 12 entrances that will remain open, Monday through Friday, 4:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. are:

  1. Rogel Cancer Center main entrance
  2. Dock 5 booth
  3. Radiation/Oncology entrance
  4. Adult Emergency Services
  5. University Hospital main entrance
  6. Children’s Emergency Services
  7. C.S. Mott Children’s main entrance
  8. University Hospital South Employee entrance
  9. Frankel Cardiovascular Center Main entrance
  10. Medical School/Cancer Center Connector
  11. Taubman/P2/P3 Level 2 Entry Door
  12. Med Inn

The seven entrances that will remain open, Monday through Friday, 5 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. and on weekends are:

  1. Rogel Cancer Center main entrance
  2. Adult Emergency Services
  3. University Hospital main entrance 
  4. Children’s Emergency Services
  5. C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital main entrance
  6. Frankel Cardiovascular Center main entrance
  7. Taubman/P2/P3 Level 2 Entry Door

Because this is a new process, entry into the building may be delayed.  We thank you for your flexibility. We believe this reduction in entrances will help us preserve a safe environment for all at Michigan Medicine. We’ll continue to evaluate the impact of these changes and make adjustments as needed.

Visitor Policy Update

Your support of our interim visitor policy is greatly appreciated. We’ve updated the guidelines, but may make additional updates as the situation changes.

The following policy outlines the number of visitors or companions allowed on all hospital and clinic premises, including areas outside of patient rooms:

  • Adult hospital or adult emergency services patients (excluding childbirth patients in our birth center): One adult visitor per patient.
  • In outpatient clinics: Adult patients are limited to one visitor/companion who is providing transportation to the patient receiving care. Pediatric patients may have one adult primary caregiver.
  • Pediatric and newborn hospital or children’s emergency services patients: Two adult primary caregivers. It is preferred that one caregiver will be designated for the entire stay to support the child’s medical care. No siblings or extended family.
  • Childbirth patients in our birth center: Two family members or caregivers. No siblings of the newborn.
  • No children under 16 will be allowed to visit, except under exceptional circumstances.

We understand these are unusual circumstances and that these actions may be challenging to our patients. However, our top priority is the safety of our patients and of our staff. We believe these efforts will reduce chances of infection spreading.

An FAQ is posted in Headlines and updated frequently. If you have specific questions about COVID19 and your work at Michigan Medicine, go to the Infection Prevention & Epidemiology page for updates. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for on these web pages, please email and your question will be answered as quickly as possible.

 We appreciate all you do every day to keep our employees and patients safe.

Jeffrey Desmond, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer