Update: Pyxis medication cabinet issue

February 18, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Over the last few days, a Michigan Medicine team worked with the vendor of the organization’s Pyxis medication cabinets and anesthesia workstations (AWS) to push a software fix to some of the affected cabinets, and reports of freezes declined.

For more than a week, Michigan Medicine has experienced issues with Pyxis medication cabinets and anesthesia workstations (AWS), some of which froze unexpectedly and needed to be rebooted.

The same fix will continue to be pushed to all Pyxis cabinets over the course of several days in order to prevent further freezes. The fixes are being scheduled so that two stations are not down in the same areas at the same time.

A message on the cabinet display will appear before the 15-minute installation and rebooting period for each cabinet, so staff can obtain medication from another Pyxis cabinet in their area, a neighboring area, a crash cart or a pharmacy.

If you experience a “freeze” with a Pyxis cabinet, please report it to Pyxis-Admin@med.umich.edu.

Thank you to all involved for working to ensure the safety of our patients in addressing this issue.