eSignature coming to ambulatory care units/outpatient clinics March 2 and 9

February 19, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

A new system for collecting and storing patient authorizations and related information will be implemented in ambulatory care units/outpatient clinics across Michigan Medicine the week of March 2 and March 9.

The new system — eSignature — enables staff to electronically capture patient signatures and notes and incorporate them directly into MiChart, eliminating paper-based patient authorizations.

“The current consent workflow is a paper-intensive, manual process and presents challenges related to documentation,” said Marc Licata, Health Information Management (HIM) project manager for eSignature.

These challenges include missing, incomplete or illegible forms; compliance and patient safety concerns; and the overall added cost for forms, paper, preparation, scanning and disposal.

In March 2016, an eSignature project plan was formed.

“An electronic solution automates the process of creating and collecting patient consents and makes them immediately available in MiChart. This significantly reduces the likelihood of lost, misplaced or incomplete consents,” said Licata.

The project has been successfully piloted at multiple ambulatory sites, including all the pre-operative clinics, ambulatory medical procedure units and the Northville Health Center.

“Patient eSignature is being embraced by nursing and providers and the new application workflow is a positive experience for staff. It moves Michigan Medicine along the technology pathway to better efficiencies, remove paper and most importantly, patient centered where safety comes first,” said Leslie Aldrich, M.D., associate chief clinical officer and assistant professor of internal medicine.

Following deployment to ambulatory care units/outpatient clinics, eSignature is scheduled to be introduced in OR, ED, inpatient, and other sites later in 2020.

To prepare for eSignature deployments, providers are invited to sign up for a drop-in session to get hands-on experience with the application:

  • Friday, Feb. 21 (Towsley HITS Help Me Now – G213)
  • Thursday, Feb. 27 (Towsley HITS Help Me Now – G213)
  • Friday, Feb. 28 (Towsley HITS Help Me Now – G213)

An MLearning module will be automatically assigned to all providers in advance of the go-lives. Providers can remove it from their learning plan if they do not capture consents, and will be removed automatically after one month.

For updates and additional information, visit the eSignature Project page.

In addition, a short three-minute eSignature video is available to help orient providers who do capture consents.

For updates and additional information, visit the eSignature Project page.