Be ready: Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) coming soon

February 26, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The accrediting body, ACGME, has established the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) visit to assess the graduate medical education (GME) learning environment at Michigan Medicine. 

The organization expects to be contacted between January and May 2020. The ACGME will provide a 10 to 14-day notice before their arrival. 

You may be called upon to participate in this site visit as a resident, fellow, or faculty member in the following ways:

  • House officer group meeting participant (one-hour)
  • Faculty group meeting participant (one-hour)
  • Walking rounds tour lead (one to two hours)
  • Discussion with a site visitor on rounds in the hospitals (as approached)

This visit is an opportunity for the health system to demonstrate leadership in patient safety, quality improvement and reduction in health care disparities.

Although the precise date of the CLER visit can not be predicted, it is important for all house officers, faculty members and staff to be prepared to provide assistance to any site visitor. 

The CLER visit will cover a 3- to 4-day span. A global email will be sent as soon as the GME office is aware of the visit dates with further details regarding the schedule of events surrounding the CLER visit.

CLER assesses sponsoring institutions in the following six focus areas:

  • Patient safety : Including opportunities for residents to report errors, unsafe conditions, and near misses, and to participate in inter-professional teams to promote and enhance safe care.
  • Health care quality: Including how sponsoring institutions engage residents in the use of data to improve systems of care, reduce health care disparities and improve patient outcomes.
  • Teaming (formerly Care Transitions): Including how sponsoring institutions demonstrate effective standardization and oversight of transitions of care.
  • Supervision: Including how sponsoring institutions maintain and oversee policies of supervision concordant with ACGME requirements in an environment at both the institutional and program level that assures the absence of retribution.
  • Well-being: Including how sponsoring institutions: (i) promote well-being across the clinical care team to ensure safe and high-quality patient care; (ii) ensure the CLE demonstrates system-based actions for preventing or mitigating impediments to the well-being of residents, fellows, and faculty members; and (iii) ensuring the CLE demonstrates mechanisms for identification, early intervention, and ongoing support of residents, fellows and faculty who are at risk of or demonstrating self-harm.
  • Professionalism: With regard to how sponsoring institutions educate for professionalism, monitor behavior on the part of residents and faculty and respond to issues concerning: (i) accurate reporting of program information; (ii) integrity in fulfilling educational and professional responsibilities; and (iii) veracity in scholarly pursuits.

Hosting a CLER Site Visit is a GOOD thing!

The organization wants to help the CLER site visitors understand its clinical learning environment so they may help identify opportunities to make greater improvements for patients and resident and fellow physicians.