A Year of Staff Engagement to Enhance the Workplace

February 20, 2020  //  FOUND IN: Accolades and Milestones

Voices of the Staff began in 2004 with a presidential request for greater staff involvement – to give all staff a Voice. It was an unprecedented opportunity for institution-wide staff communication and engagement. Guided by principles of alignment with our missions, inclusion, and innovation, Voices was born. With the goal of making a difference for staff by being heard, respected, and appreciated.

For 15 years more than 2,500 staff participated – more than half work at Michigan Medicine – on network teams, attended conferences and shared at town hall meetings. And thousands more shared feedback through surveys. Voices has made an impact in the areas of DEI initiatives, parking, career development, onboarding, health and well-being, technology, and more. And highlights of the most recent year are featured in Voices’ most recent Annual Report.

Key examples of how Voices of the Staff teams make an impact include:

  • Providing volunteer service at Camp North Star Reach.
  • Facilitating screenings of an acclaimed documentary “Me, The Other” as a highlight of the Diversity Summit.
  • Supporting a micro-mentoring program pilot.
  • Awarding six staff members $1,000 grants to help with conferences, workshops, and certifications.

Join Voices and make a positive impact in the workplace

If you are a member of the staff who wants to improve our workplace, you are encouraged to apply to Voices of the Staff during its annual recruitment period this March. Learn more about Voices of the Staff and watch for more details to apply beginning March 1, 2020.